Making this tutorial takes a lot of my time, so unfortunately I didn't have the time to code this page yet. For now, I'll give you a quick list of the tags you'll want to use all the time:

  • font-color: You can type a color name here or use a hex code (eg "#abc123") to change the color of text.
  • color: Same as font-color: you'll find in some places font-color doesn't work. If so, then use this instead.
  • font-face: A comma sparated list of fonts to use. The computer will try using the first one in the list and if it's not installed on then it moves to the next in the list.
  • font-size: The size of the font. Can be given in a percentage (eg "75%"), in points (eg "12pt"), in pixels (eg "14px") or in "em" (more advanced, it's a relative unit... Just ignore it for now :) )

For more information on how to use these please see here for now.