What I've been up to

It's been a while since I last posted, school has kept me busy and away from leisure programming, so of course I have nothing to blog about now! ;)

I recently bought Parallels Desktop 5 - while I won't go into a full review now, it's worth mentioning that I was very impressed and if you're looking for a decent virtualization product, I highly recommend it. There are a few glitches when using Crystal or Coherence mode with Windows, but I prefer Windowed or Fullscreen mode anyways so I haven't had any problems at all really. It's been great to be able to boot up multiple OSs at once without ever leaving OS X and rebooting, and that's not to mention that testing software on various Linux distros became a whole lot easier too.

Anyways, after exams I'm planning on posting a tutorial on setting up a hosting server (including web, mail, awstats, webmail, cacti) from scratch. Check back during the holidays if you're interested!


Coming soon...

Well, it's exam time so it's been a while since I last posted. Only 4 days left though! I'll be back with more stuff to post soon...


Exams, here I come

I'm heading for my exams the next three weeks, so I'm not going to be around as much on fedoraforum, IRC and for programming... I'm working on feature requests for fwbackups RC3, so hopefully that will be out in July when I have time to work on it again. Anyways the good news is I did my lab exam today and it was fairly easy.


IBO and audio-convert-mod

What's the relation you might ask? One's a program offered in schools and the other is my audio conversion script... Well, I'll keep it short and sweet. The IBO program is great, but the evaluations they make us write for about half our assignments take FOREVER. So I don't have much time to update my code anymore :/

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of IBO, I doubt anyone in IBO reads this regularly, but somebody I know was very suprised to hear they didn't give us the detailed evaluation rubrics for our Personal Project next year. Gladfully, he gave me a copy and also said I should give it to people I know! Ask me at school for the password and then you can download it [file removed].

I've started working on a new audio-convert-mod, one that's rewritten in PyGTK and that doesn't only do audio - This one can do videos too! You can see the UI design I've made so far here [file removed]. For now, let's just say it's "coming soon" though :D