Slowly but surely...

Well, slowly but surely I'm getting to that final fwbackups 1.43.0 release... I noticed import/export stopped working in fwbackups 1.43.0 beta3 this friday, so that's fixed in my local SVN and it'll go into RC1 when I figure I've fixed enough to put it out. The crontab should be in much better sync with sets too, and I've also made tar.gz use tar xfz instead of making a tar then gzip'ing it. I figure I'll go for RC1, RC2, RC3 then gold.

I've also being thinking about the future of audio-convert-mod, or rather, the lack of it. It's getting pretty huge to maintain, and internationalizing it is getting troublesome. So, once I finish with fwbackups, goodbye to audio-convert-mod and welcome to media-convert... A full pygtk app that handles many formats, and supports videos too!

Pidgin Beta7

Due to legal issues, the Gaim instant messenger has now been renamed to Pidgin. I just downloaded Beta7 from extras-development, and I'm quite impressed. The new Tango icons make all the difference!


IBO and audio-convert-mod

What's the relation you might ask? One's a program offered in schools and the other is my audio conversion script... Well, I'll keep it short and sweet. The IBO program is great, but the evaluations they make us write for about half our assignments take FOREVER. So I don't have much time to update my code anymore :/

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of IBO, I doubt anyone in IBO reads this regularly, but somebody I know was very suprised to hear they didn't give us the detailed evaluation rubrics for our Personal Project next year. Gladfully, he gave me a copy and also said I should give it to people I know! Ask me at school for the password and then you can download it [file removed].

I've started working on a new audio-convert-mod, one that's rewritten in PyGTK and that doesn't only do audio - This one can do videos too! You can see the UI design I've made so far here [file removed]. For now, let's just say it's "coming soon" though :D

New fglrx released

The devel branch of xorg-x11-drv-fglrx has just been duplicated over into FC-6, so the new FC-6 package using livna-config-display for all the file editing and configuration! This means it's generally faster, easier to use and now has many more features like automatic disabling of Composite and AIGLX in xorg.conf so DRI works out-of-the-box. Enjoy!


Unintentionally funny comic books


Comics are great because as they get older not only do they get more valuable (at least my future children hope so because they ain't going to no college unless a certain Mr. Spiderman can afford to send them) but they also get funnier. Thank god our use of language changes over the years because it makes our old comics look stupid and that's funny.

Read it at: