Open drivers for ATI

A slashdotter pointed out that ATI (now owned by AMD) is going to release open source drivers. Let's hope nVidia does the same!

Edit: Turns out this is probably not true... I think people had misinterpreted what ATI had said.

fwbackups RC1

This is the first relatively stable release of fwbackups and things seem to work nicely togther overall, so I've taken rev52 as release candidate one. Please let me know about any bugs, suggestions, etc.


Never did, never will

I was repairing somone's computer today, nothing especially different about the job from others... I run a I wanted to make sure the RAM wasn't bad so I boot up memtest86++ and and it repeatedly hangs at Test #3, while the fans start blaring like crazy. I open the box, and this is what I found in the heatsink:

Cigarette gunk clogging heatsink #1
Cigarette gunk clogging heatsink #2

I doubt this computer was more than 4 year old judging by the model and make of the parts in it. Oh, and that's cigarette smoke and nicotine, not dust or dirt :/

Hit 10K today

Today I broke 10K points for folding@homeL I completed my 54th work with 10167 points.

If you haven't joined already, please consider joining the FedoraFolders. Folding@home is a project that uses your idle CPU cycles to help research on various diseases - You won't even notice it's there in the background.


Size of all updates downloaded from Presto-enabled repositories: 1.7M
Size of updates that would have been downloaded if Presto wasn't enabled: 31M
This is a savings of 95 percent

Updated: anaconda.i386 0: glibc.i686 0:2.5.90-21
Dependency Updated: anaconda-runtime.i386 0: glibc-common.i386 0:2.5.90-21 glibc-devel.i386 0:2.5.90-21 glibc-headers.i386 0:2.5.90-21