My theorem

timein day= 1d * 24h * 60m * 60s / (age/10)



I just read on Slashdot that yet another massive botnet is growing... There must be tons of computers out there infected with multiple of these "transparent" viruses, making them belong to 2+ botnets at once. I sense an epic botnet war in the near future! Wink

Fedora 10 is out!

Fedora 10 was released yesterday, and I'm very impressed. This are much smoother this time around than in Fedora 9, and the Solar artwork is simply stunning. You can see some screenshots in this Phoronix review, and if you like it you can grab the LiveCD/LiveUSB, CD and DVD ISO images here. I've also updated all my blog howtos for Fedora 10, so if you need any help setting up your system with RPM Fusion be sure to check them out!


Data loss & backups survey

I'm taking a small business course at my local college and one of my assignments is to write a business plan for a business which would be offering the product or service of my choice.

Since I'm interested in data recovery and backups, I've written a short online survey  about data loss and backups which will help me collect information for the project. It should only take two minutes to fill out and I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete it. The more results I have the better... Thanks! (btw, if you'd like to see the results, then visit this page).

Update: The survey is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!


I went to see NiN's Lights in the Sky tour at the Bell Center last week, it was one amazing (light) show! If they're coming by your city and you're a fan of NiN, you should definitely consider going.