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  • I’m writing this quick post at the end of 2016 to wish everyone happy holidays and let you know about some changes coming in 2017.


    Earlier this year, I stopped working for my company Diffingo Solutions Inc. and am excited to say that I now work at Microsoft, as can be seen on my github profile (@stewartadam). I think that the direction Microsoft has taken in the past two years has been very positive and I’m exicted to see what the future brings.

    Of course, there’s the mandatory note: the opinions on this blog are my own and may not represent those of my employer. However, given the technologies I interact with on a day-to-day basis, you may notice an increase in blog posts about technologies owned by my employer ;)

    Comments are now disabled

    As well, due to an influx of spam comments that are bypassing CAPTCHA and other automated anti-spam methods, I have disabled comments on my blog. I expect this will be the case for the forseeable future.

    New blog style coming

    I am likely going to convert my Drupal-based blog to one based on Markdown or other static rendering. Drupal has been great to me, but Markdown is so much easier to author in and requires 0 maintenance. As well, the rate at which I can author content has slowed so Drupal’s original use case for me (maintaining Views-based lists of the various categories of howtos I was writing) no longer applies.