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  • My trial enabling node comments went pretty well, I did have to handle the inevitable comment spam but there was nothing outrageous - only about one bogus comment a day. With comments being published only after approval they're extremely easy to spot as well, since typically the spammer will post the same comment twice or more once they realize "hey, it hasn't appeared on the page yet!"

    So because of comments are functioning well I've just enabled some new features for my blog - namely, you can now leave your name & homepage when you leave a comment, although due to homepage spamming I've disabled all homepage links in the site theme until I find a better solution. As well, you'll notice the new rating widget (thanks to VotingAPI and Fivestar) on every node - feel free to leave any feedback or ratings on any of the blog or tutorial posts. Thanks!

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  • I was joking around with a friend today and remembered an old commercial from a few years ago that (I think?) was for Maxwell House... Somebody opens a sealed can of powdered coffee and music comes on: Smells fresh, fresh! Exciting... It's so exiting to me!"

    I found the original song (by Kool & the Gang) that the commercial spoofs but I can't seem to find a video of the commercial anywhere. If you happen to find it, please drop a link in a comment!

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  • It's been a while since I last posted, school has kept me busy and away from leisure programming, so of course I have nothing to blog about now! ;)

    I recently bought Parallels Desktop 5 - while I won't go into a full review now, it's worth mentioning that I was very impressed and if you're looking for a decent virtualization product, I highly recommend it. There are a few glitches when using Crystal or Coherence mode with Windows, but I prefer Windowed or Fullscreen mode anyways so I haven't had any problems at all really. It's been great to be able to boot up multiple OSs at once without ever leaving OS X and rebooting, and that's not to mention that testing software on various Linux distros became a whole lot easier too.

    Anyways, after exams I'm planning on posting a tutorial on setting up a hosting server (including web, mail, awstats, webmail, cacti) from scratch. Check back during the holidays if you're interested!

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  • Although I haven't had any problems with my LG Rumor (aka LX260), I know it is one of the more troublesome phones so I've been expecting it to die soon. I currently have a texting plan with Virgin Mobile which has been working out great for me, but because it's a texting plan, it's short on minutes so for the past few months I've been paying overuse fees.

    I've been looking around for other options, and this list from Wikipedia has been very handy: List of Canadian mobile phone companies.

    Although I do realize that the Rogers has excellent coverage, I'm not going near them with a 10 foot pole... I'm going to compare my alternatives with the help of cellphones.ca.